15. – 16. October  2016

Exhibition in Montelimar (FR)


The team of Aster Europa participated at the Exhibition «Montelirail» in Montélimar (FR) for the first time. We brought our own track for gauge 1, which has attracted great interest. We are very satisfied with the feedback. The next exhibition will take place in 2018.



11. – 13. October 2018

Plattform der Kleinserie

Bauma (CH)




22. – 24. November 2018

RailExpo in Chartres (FR)



13. – 15. Oktober  2017

Plattform der Kleinserie in Bauma (CH)


One of the highlights at our stand in Bauma was our prototype of the tender for the SBB C5/6. The feedback was very positiv.

4. – 6. November  2016

Exhibition in Chartres/Paris (FR)


For the first time the famous exhibition "RailExpo" took place this year in the district of Chartres. The Team of Aster Europa brought his own track for gauge 1. The feedback was very positive and constructive. In addition to the Tigerli, the prototype of the first class OCEM car was a highlight.

24. – 25. June 2017

Exhibition in Sinsheim (DE)


This year we have been present our new brand "Twerenbold Livesteam" at the Exhibition in Sinsheim. We also have taken our new, self-constructed and self-built 3-track layout with us. There were less visitors and exhibitors but we are satisfied with the Exhibition so far. The feedback was very positive and constructive. Our main theme was the new SBB C5/6 model.

30. June 2019

Bahndammfest EiWi (CH)


At wonderfully hot temperatures this year, many visitors and exhibitors traveled to Witterwil on the Bahndammfest. It was very interesting.


Further pictures and information under: www.g1mra.ch

3. August 2016

Visit in the Loge «Etagniere»


For the demonstration of the latest Aster Hobby model SBB E3/3 «Tigerli» Aster Europa visited the Loge in Etagnieres in August 2016. We would like to thank you again for the warm welcome and the interesting discussions.

24. – 26. November  2017

RailExpo in Chartres (FR)


Bereits zum zweiten Mal fand die RailExpo wieder in Chartres statt. Twerenbold Livesteam war mit der eigenen neuen 3-gleisigen Anlage dabei, welche sehr rege benutzt wurde. Es kamen erfreulicherweise sehr viele Besucher. Das Feedback war durchwegs positiv. Haupthema war auch hier unser Projekt SBB C5/6.


Hier ein Artikel der Ausstellung in der regionalen Zeitschrift:


23. – 24. June 2018

Exhibition in Sinsheim (DE)


For the second time we were present with our own brand "Twerenbold Livesteam" at the track 1 meeting in Sinsheim and had our self-built 3-track layout with us. The main topic was the progress on the prototype of our model SBB C5/6. The feedback was again very positive and constructive.


Fortunately, a second live steam layout was installed next to us by the English association G1MRA, in which we are a member.


21. – 23. June 2019

Exhibition in Sinsheim (DE)


This year we also made our facilities available to G1MRA guest riders as they did not have their own facility. The offer was used actively and the number of visitors was also pleasing.

23. – 25. November 2018

RailExpo in Chartres (FR)


Unfortunately, this year we did not have our facilities, but many visitors came to our stand. The feedback was again very positive and constructive.